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Bringing Small Websites to New Heights

As a new business or small business, it is likely that you have a small website and an even smaller marketing budget. But, this is why you should actually expand your marketing efforts by promoting your website, attracting traffic, and building your way to the top. In other words, you need to focus on your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

SEO may seem overwhelming, especially if you are on a small marketing budget and in competition with the big guys. Even if this is the case, the Market MindShift team is here to let you know that you can develop a powerful SEO strategy for your business.

Here are some strategies that you can incorporate into your marketing plan that will not break the bank. It is important to keep in mind that these pointers will give you a good base, but should be improved upon as your company begins to grow.

Chase the Long-Tail Keywords

What do you when you need to solve a problem? You Google it.

Today, most consumers carry mobile devices that are equipped with access to the internet. If a consumer needs a product or service, then they are likely to turn to a search engine to find it. Your customers want to find the best deal without wasting any time. If you are on a budget, one way to improve your SEO strategy is to use long-tail keywords instead of general keywords.

Long-tail keywords are three to four-word phrases that are very specific to what you are selling. The potential customer may use a specific phrase because they know exactly what they are looking for. There are many advantages of using long-tail keywords such as focused content production, lower competition, and higher conversions.

Using long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy will help keep costs low and are relatively easy to rank for. Nowadays, Google favors content that is focused on meeting the customer’s specific search queries. So, if your content or product satisfies that need, then the long-tail keywords can help you reach your audience.

Building Trust Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great opportunity for you to expand your reach and strengthen your SEO strategy. However, you do not want to create content for just anyone. It is important that you do your research to make sure that the site is authoritative and relevant. Guest blogging is a very inexpensive method that will benefit your business by building relationships with potential customers, establishing yourself as an expert, and improving your company’s SEO.

One thing to always keep in mind when creating content is that it should always provide value to the audience. When you approach blog editors about an opportunity, they will be looking for the best content for their readers. Make yourself stand out by presenting a unique opinion on the topic or making a complicated topic easy to understand. Let your creativity run free.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is crucial for any site because it is the backbone of your digital presence. Properly maintaining the small things (keywords, URLs, meta tags, and meta descriptions) will create a solid structure for your business to grow on.

When uploading your content, make sure that you pay close attention to the finished product. It may be easy to copy and paste, but the details matter. Focus on the following to make sure that your content will drive traffic to your site:

– Make sure your URLs are user friendly and easy to understand. A good rule of thumb is that users should be able to understand a page’s contents simply from reading the URL.
– Include target keywords in your title. Identify which keywords will work well for your SEO strategy by targeting user intent.
– Enhance content with appealing visuals. Every piece of content should include an eye-catching visual such as an image, video or infographic.
– Link to relevant pages and content. When done properly, website navigation can keep visitors on your page longer. In doing so, you could boost your conversion rates.

Optimize Your Budget with Market MindShift

No matter the size of your website, it is always important to have an SEO strategy. This strategy will allow you to expand your audience and improve your company’s online presence. The first step is to make sure that you have a strong foundation for your site. Not sure how to do this? Market MindShift provides website audits that will identify any components that need to be fixed. Our team is here to help your business grow by creating a digital marketing plan tailored to your needs. For more information about what we can offer you, call 480.750.2252 or contact us online.

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