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Content Creation

Content is what feeds the search engines and connects with your potential customers.

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Content Strategy + Optimization

There is an art and science to crafting the right message on your website.

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Blogs + Articles

Good content feeds search engines.

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Writing for Media

Build credibility and get noticed.

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Content Strategy & Optimization

SEO is about getting traffic to your site.  At Market MindShift, we strengthen your website by focusing on it’s technical foundation, online competition and the demographics of your customer.  After an initial site audit, we work with you and your organizational goals to create an SEO roadmap that will fix broken items, optimize pages for targeted keywords and build links.  Using data and reporting to measure results, these optimization techniques will improve your site’s rankings on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Not only do we help with the implementation of these findings, but we also are always explaining our work as we go.

Blogs & Articles

Good content feeds search engines.  It tells search engines what the page is about. Through our research, we can identify a list of keywords in which to optimize new and existing content, including titles and meta descriptions.  By understanding your audience and marketing messaging, Market Mindshift masterfully weaves these targeted keywords into compelling messages that cause the reader to take action.  Our editorial team of experienced writers and editors create content in many forms including page content, blog posts, press releases and articles for industry publications.  Within new content (and existing content) and using the targeted keywords, Market MindShift creates a plan for optimizing internal and inbound link opportunities.

Writing for Media

Build credibility and get noticed. Not only can we provide research and plans for content for your own organization’s site, but we can also help you identify online opportunities, such as online publications, directories or local news media outlets that may be willing to share or publish news about your organization.  These link attraction opportunities build site authority as well as boost industry credibility and awareness. 


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