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Our methodology, a blend of marketing, psychology and technical expertise, will help your organization grow its online presence, rank higher in search results and convert more customers.

Grow Your Online Presence & Maximize Revenue

Experience the power of scarcity psychology through our comprehensive offerings, including marketing campaigns, keynote presentations, team workshops, and exclusive one-on-one consulting. Our CEO, Mindy, delivers captivating and actionable presentations at industry conferences, trainings and corporate events, customized to suit your business's unique requirements. Additionally, empower sales and marketing teams with interactive and tailored workshops, whether conducted on-site or virtually.

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Having a website is only one step in dominating search results. Successful SEO incorporates a blend of marketing and technical expertise. Market MindShift has that and more. We partner with you to understand your organizational goals to improve your reach in the organic search. We understand the SEO factors that determine organic results and can implement the techniques to get you results.

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Digital public relations (PR) is the link building of today. That is why we focus on digital PR to increase coverage among your target audience and build your credibility. We work with you to create high-quality content, infographics, and videos and schedule you as a guest on relevant podcasts and broadcast shows. We also strive to get byline articles in industry publications and get you quoted as an expert by reporters and media hosts.

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You can’t have an effective digital marketing campaign without great content. Content impacts SEO, social media and marketing funnels. There is an art and science to crafting the right message on your website. Market MindShift content that grabs your audience's attention. Our editorial team creates optimized content designed with your brand and target reader in mind.

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Bringing AI and SEO together is more than just a trend. It’s a transformative force in digital marketing. Today’s online world is challenging, and to stand out, you need content that does more than exist — it has to work hard to get noticed. From home pages to landing pages to blog posts to social media, we can craft the right words to capture your audience and build your brand.

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Our multi-channel paid media strategy will enhance your online presence and boost revenue. Our strategic approach utilizes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and YouTube to target the right audience and maximize results. With expert landing page development, conversion tracking, and CRM integration, we'll drive efficient and effective campaigns for your business.

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Connect on a human level with your audience through social media marketing. At Market MindShift, we apply psychology to our campaigns, creating real conversations and understanding your customers. Discover the right balance of informative, educational, entertaining, and sales-oriented content. Let us strategize, create, and optimize your social media campaign, building lasting relationships and a thriving online community together.

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Whether starting fresh or improving an underperforming website, we specialize in crafting SEO-focused websites that drive conversions. Embrace the digital world with an intentional web design strategy, incorporating proven psychological concepts to engage viewers effectively. Partner with us to create a unique website that aligns with your business needs and goals, saving money in the long run and paving the way for growth and success.

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Catch your audience’s attention in the midst of so much noise. Email marketing is an integral part of your digital strategy, enabling direct engagement with your target audience and driving sales. At Market MindShift, we use our psychological insights to craft effective email campaigns that excite and engage customers, fostering brand loyalty. With our expert services, including strategic automation, customer analysis, A/B testing, and more, you'll unlock the full potential of email marketing to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

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SEO Workshop at the Digital Summit

Download Mindy’s Slides

The SEO workshop at the Digital Summit was presented by CEO and founder Mindy Weinstein. The workshop agenda consisted of several topics including SERP Opps of Today, Common SEO Issues to Fix, Personas for SEO, Competitor Analysis and many more.

Please download the slides for the full presentation.

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