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Our methodology, a blend of marketing and technical expertise, will help your organization grow your online presence, rank higher in search results and reach more customers.

Market MindShift Service


Market MindShift partners with you to understand your organizational goals to improve your reach in the organic search. We understand the SEO factors that determine organic results and can implement the techniques to get you results.

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Market MindShift Service

Digital PR

We combine our expertise in content marketing and SEO with public relations. Our team will get you media exposure that will raise your visibility, plus get great links to your website.

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Market MindShift Service

Digital Training

Cultivate your team with the additional skills they need to produce better, more efficient results. With our customized training, your team will leverage their existing skills while strengthening gaps to accelerate growth and increase revenue.

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Market MindShift Service

Content Creation

There is an art and science to crafting the right message on your website. Market MindShift content that grabs your audience's attention. Our editorial team creates optimized content designed with your brand and target reader in mind.

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We’re Transparent & Real – We Never Make False Promises

Successful SEO incorporates a blend of marketing and technical expertise. Market MindShift has that and more. Plus, we tell it like it is, so you know what to expect and we follow a strict project schedule, meaning we are always communicating with you and hitting our deadlines.

Search Results and Rankings

Having a website is only one step in dominating search results.

Your website must be optimized in such a way that search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, can find it. That is where search engine optimization (SEO) can help you.

If you research SEO, you will see many definitions. In the simplest terms, SEO is about getting traffic to your website. Of course getting your pages ranked for your target keywords is important—that is how you will get that traffic.

A Unique Approach to SEO

At Market MindShift, we take a different approach to SEO by focusing the bulk of our attention on the technical foundation of your website, your online competition and the characteristics of your ideal web visitor. We help our clients by implementing proper SEO and explaining our work as we go. Find out more by contacting us today.

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Content. It’s one of the first words you hear when talking about digital marketing. Content is what feeds the search engines. Content is what connects with the person you are trying to convert into a customer. There is no question that more goes into digital marketing, a lot which is very technical. However, to establish a strong online presence and get in front of the right audience, you can’t ignore the power of communication.

You can’t have an effective digital marketing campaign without great content. Content impacts SEO, social media and marketing funnels. It is through the written word that you will let search engines know what your page is about. It is also through the written word that you will convert more web visitors into customers.

There is an art and science to crafting the right message on your website. Content must be optimized, so that you can get pages to rank. At the same time, content should be compelling and cause the reader to take action. We provide hands-on training that will teach you how to create content that appeals to users and search engines. If you need services instead of training, we still got you covered with our strategic partnership with Digital Current. Find out more by contacting us today.


Online public relations (PR) is the link building of today. That is why we focus on digital PR to increase coverage among your target audience and build your credibility. The great news is that this coverage and credibility leads to more links to your website and, ultimately, an authoritative website from the view of search engines.

Our approach leads to more online visibility and higher revenue for your business. How do we do it? We work with you to create high-quality content, infographics, and videos and schedule you as a guest on relevant podcasts and broadcast shows. We also strive to get byline articles in industry publications and get you quoted as an expert by reporters and media hosts.

We carefully consider each client and only take on a limited number at a time. Contact us to see our current availability and determine if your company is the right fit for our services.


Seek advise from an expert.  Mindy Weinstein and her team provide custom, data-driven solutions for your SEO needs.  Based on your business objectives and goals, we work with your team to create a clear and actionable plan for implementation. 

Our SEO consultation services are not “one size fits all;” contact us to learn more about how we can help you to attract more leads and grow your business.

SEO Workshop at the Digital Summit

Download Mindy’s Slides

The SEO workshop at the Digital Summit was presented by CEO and founder Mindy Weinstein. The workshop agenda consisted of several topics including SERP Opps of Today, Common SEO Issues to Fix, Personas for SEO, Competitor Analysis and many more.

Please download the slides for the full presentation.

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For a complimentary 30-minute consulting session and to learn more, fill out our contact form today.

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