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With psychology and technology, we create data-driven marketing strategies that convert.

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We know, we know. This is usually where businesses tell you about themselves. But, we actually want to get to know you!

“I have marketing hands on-deck, but my team could use some SEO training.”

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“I would love to lean on a great team to take care of all my digital marketing needs.”

Our national SEO company offers amazing full-service digital marketing.

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Keep scrolling to learn about Market MindShift, and the all the things we do to make you stand out.

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The bottom line: we create customized digital marketing strategies that provide actionable blueprints with measurable results.

What do we do? We are a national SEO company that partners with businesses, like yours, to create tailored, actionable plans that help you achieve your specific business goals. During every phase of the project, we work to impart our know-how and communicate techniques, best practices and tools with your team. Within each step, we are consulting, leveraging data and teaching fundamentals.

How do we do it? We care about your team’s success. We create long-lasting client partnerships through complete transparency and constant communication. We understand how to simplify and explain even the most technical SEO tasks. Through our expert knowledge, refined process, and commitment to your team, we gain trust by meeting and exceeding expectations and delivering on time.

What we offer—

Keep scrolling to learn about Market MindShift, and the all the things we do to make you stand out.

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Meet Our CEO

Mindy Weinstein, PhD is the founder of Market MindShift. Join Mindy at one of her speaking events this season.

Since 2007, Mindy Weinstein, PhD, founder of Market MindShift, has been committed to helping organizations (large and small) succeed at creating higher-ranking, more effective websites. As an international speaker, university professor and digital marketing strategist, Mindy has gained the trust of training clients such as Facebook, The Weather Channel, World Fuel Services and more. With a passion for education and a breadth of experience, Mindy combines marketing coaching with real-world experience to help teams prioritize objectives, execute customized plans and maximize investments. Mindy is an Ask The Expert columnist for Search Engine Journal and often writes for our own blog. Check out one of her in-depth guides here: Shopify SEO Tips.

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Mindy teaches the SEO workshops at Digital Summit throughout the country.

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