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We help you get more customers by infusing psychology with technology.

If you had to define digital marketing, could you do it? There are many interpretations of what goes into this form of marketing, including search engine optimization, content marketing, social media, online paid advertising and email marketing. Yet, the most important element is the human being and somehow that gets lost in the shuffle.


Get into the minds of your digital customers.

Digital marketing takes a comprehensive understanding of consumers, search engines and communities.

In everything that you do from a marketing standpoint, whether online or offline, you have to focus on the actual prospect, meaning you need to know who it is you want to attract and convert into a customer.

Digital marketing is a mix of psychology and technology and it requires strategic planning and tactical implementation. When digital marketing is done the right way, it will make your business relevant and useful to your target audience.

About You

DIY or full service—we have options for you.

At Market MindShift, we recognize that people want choices, which is why we offer services that are tailored to you. Whether you want us to do all the digital marketing for you or you simply want a plan of attack and training, we can help you. We are also not afraid to tell you if we think there is another agency better suited for your needs or better priced. Market MindShift has worked with all size companies—from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses.

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Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Get more organic traffic to your website.

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Market content that grabs your audience's attention.

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Build your social community and give your brand a voice.

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Know your website is built on a solid foundation.


Market MindShift Testimonial

"For years, the world of SEO and digital marketing felt complex and paralyzing—so I pretty much abandoned any attempt to do SEO, thinking I'd need to spend big money to hire an expert to do it for me. Then I took a training with Mindy Weinstein. Yes, she's brilliant and on the cutting edge of SEO and digital marketing. But just as important, she can actually TEACH non-techies like me simple but massively effective techniques for driving more qualified leads—and ultimately sales—into our businesses. After attending a workshop with Mindy, I went back into my business and implemented a simple video SEO strategy that has generated tens of thousands of dollars in sales for my business. Hire her, listen to her and do what she says."
- Eleanor
Women's Leadership Expert

Market MindShift Testimonial

"Mindy’s Superpower is SEO. I have worked with countless people who claim to know what they are doing, and I have never come across someone who understands the technical side, can explain it to a non-technical person, and then jump over and give my coders EXACTLY what they need to do. If you don’t use her services, you are using a rookie."
- Dr. Breus
The Sleep Doctor

Market MindShift Testimonial

"Mindy Weinstein is a dynamic and effective leader! We recently partnered with Mindy on an SEO initiative for our e-commerce apparel business. From the time we engaged, until the end of the project, she and her team were professional, punctual, and exceeded our expectations. Mindy took great care in outlining clear deliverables and timelines for our project and they delivered results. She and her team were collaborative and effective communicators. I would highly recommend Mindy, she’s an expert leader in the digital marketing industry"
- Molly Kuffner

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