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How AI is Changing SEO Marketing & Using it to Your Advantage

Using AI within SEO marketing is becoming an extremely hot topic, and we can understand why. There are many different tools that can be used to enhance your writing and save hours of your time by automating processes and providing efficient ways to get things done.

In our last blog post, we explored how Chat GPT impacts SEO. In this blog, we are going to take a look at the current best practices for using Chat GPT and other AI tools that marketers have found as game changing.

How are Marketers Using AI?

We know that AI is changing the landscape of marketing- so what does that look like?

In a survey of over 1,350 marketers, several statistics shed light on the use of AI in their practices. Findings revealed that 48% of the marketers employed generative AI for research purposes, while 45% utilized it for content creation. When it came to generating ideas for marketing content, 22% of the marketers relied on AI. Furthermore, 70% of the surveyed marketers considered generative AI to be important for their content marketing strategy.

To remain competitive in the evolving marketing landscape, it is crucial to recognize the potential of AI in aiding your brand. Leveraging AI in SEO is one effective approach to achieve this.

What You Need to Know Before Diving into AI SEO Tools

There’s a couple of concepts you need to remember as you begin to use AI tools in your marketing.

First, AI and Large Language Models may misunderstand your meaning.

When using these tools, keep in mind that just because a sentence is grammatically correct does not mean that the AI tool conveyed your intended message. As you are using these tools, be sure to add your own personal stories and experiences into the content. This will help you create original content that will help you stand out, and AI can’t necessarily generate this content for you.

Using AI to Speed Up Marketing Research Process

New AI tools are coming out that can transform the marketing research process.

CallRail’s new AI tool, Conversation Intelligence (CI), is revolutionizing market research by simplifying the process of uncovering key marketing campaign needs. Rather than spending hours manually researching questions or poring over transcripts, CI leverages AI to detect and report the highest needs of your actual audience based on their interactions with your company.

This eliminates the need for time-consuming methods like surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, and in-depth interviews. With CI, you can automatically parse customer service calls and receive insightful reports on trending needs. By utilizing CI, marketers can efficiently gather valuable data that informs their marketing strategies and improves the overall user experience.

Using AI to Generate Content

Using AI for content generation can significantly enhance your creative process and productivity. Here are three tactics for effectively utilizing AI for content creation:

  1. Use AI to Brainstorm New Content Ideas: When you need fresh content ideas, AI can be a valuable resource. Simply ask the AI to generate a set of ideas within a specific category, and it will provide you with suitable subheadings that can structure your long-form content. This method offers a high-level summary of common themes related to the topic, helping you identify relevant long-tail keywords, questions, and other aspects to cover. By using AI to create an outline, you can add your unique voice and style to the writing while avoiding potential issues with originality. Since the AI-generated outline eliminates the need to scrutinize factual errors or fabrications, you can focus on crafting engaging content.
  2. Use AI to Help You Get Started on Drafts: AI can assist in generating targeted content for specific sections, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it into your writing. This approach is especially useful when you want to optimize your article for specific keywords. By leveraging AI, you can obtain snippets, paragraphs, or sentences that enhance the overall quality and focus of your work. AI helps maintain your writing’s cohesiveness while providing valuable insights and suggestions to create impactful content.
  3. Use AI to Revise Existing Content: OpenAI and similar platforms have trained models to offer suggestions and revisions, delivering targeted and clear results. By providing a framework and specific question, the AI model can generate revised content that directly answers the question and aligns with the section’s intent. This capability is particularly valuable when refining existing content, ensuring it remains relevant, up to date, and well-aligned with your goals. By incorporating AI-powered suggestions, you can enhance the clarity, coherence, and effectiveness of your writing.
  4. Review Content and Provide Feedback: AI tools can serve as reliable writing companions, providing concise feedback and suggestions to improve your content. It is important to provide explicit constraints and specific directions to guide the AI’s feedback effectively. The AI can offer valuable insights on content relevance, helping you target keywords and optimize your writing for better search engine visibility. By leveraging AI-powered feedback, you can refine your content, improve its quality, and align it more closely with your intended audience.

By implementing these tips into your content creation process, you can leverage AI to unlock its full potential. AI not only aids in generating ideas and crafting drafts but also assists in revising and optimizing existing content. Through this collaboration between human creativity and AI-powered assistance, you can produce compelling, impactful, and engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives success in the digital landscape.

More Up and Coming AI Tools

Here are some AI tools that are revolutionizing the way marketers go about their work.

Content Creation & Optimization:

  • Jasper: An AI writing assistant that generates SEO-optimized content based on provided seed words and desired tone of voice. It offers templates, auto-save, plagiarism checker, brand voice customization, and multi-user login.
  • AlliAI: Enables quick website optimization for search engine result pages (SERPs) through bulk on-page optimization and live editing of text, content, and code. It also includes a self-optimizer for traffic ROI, generating real-time focus keyword A/B testing.
  • RankIQ: Specifically designed for bloggers, it helps create SEO-optimized blog posts by providing content briefs, optimizing existing posts, and enhancing comprehensiveness to improve search engine rankings.
  • INK: An AI writing tool that learns from competitors to assist in creating content that outperforms rivals. It offers keyword optimization, an AI writer, SEO scoring, and fully automated keyword search.
  • NeuronWriter: Utilizes natural language processing, Google SERPs data, and competitor analysis to create high-ranking, SEO-optimized articles and social media posts. It provides AI-generated content, internal linking recommendations, and competitor insights.
  • HubSpot AI Tools: Includes SEO suggestions for optimizing websites, an AI content assistant for generating copy in various formats, and the ability to toggle between manual and AI content creation.
  • Leverages AI to accelerate content creation and optimization, featuring AI-generated blog posts, advanced keyword research, tone of voice customization, and AI-based suggestions for headlines and titles.
  • Neuraltext: Combines keyword research, AI copywriting, and content generation. It provides over 50 templates for various content types and uses data from top-ranked pages on Google to generate well-researched content.

SEO Analysis & Optimization:

  • Pro Rank Tracker: Provides real-time and on-demand updates on content rankings in SERPs, including international tracking in multiple languages.
  • Surfer SEO: Focuses on SEO strategy to increase organic traffic and rankings. It provides SEO insights, niche topic research, content ideas, and an SEO audit tool.
  • Scalenut: An all-in-one SEO marketing tool with a keyword planner, SERP analyzer, AI article writer, and content optimizer. It offers search volume analysis, automated outlines based on SERP data, and real-time feedback and recommendations.
  • Nitro Pack: Optimizes website page loading time through image optimization, automatic caching, and code optimization.

Website performance and Page Speed Optimization:

  • PageSpeed Insights: A tool by Google that assesses website page speed, an important factor in search engine rankings.

Business Growth and Insights:

  • Diib: Offers personalized growth plans and objectives alerts based on SEO and traffic insights. It includes features for monitoring keywords, tracking backlinks, and competitor rankings.

Closing Thoughts

These AI tools offer marketers a range of functionalities, from content creation and optimization to SEO analysis and website performance enhancement, ultimately helping them achieve better search engine rankings and improve their digital marketing efforts. It’s worth your time to look into how AI can be apart of your marketing strategy.

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