Marketing Assistant

Liz Payne joined Market Mindshift in February 2017 with a breadth of experience in marketing, sales, and customer service. With a focus on high-level service, she understands the importance of building strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike. She comes with experience managing digital, traditional print, and multi-channel campaigns with clients ranging from global brands to local start-ups.  Originally from the east coast, Liz holds an MA in Technical and Processional Communications from East Carolina University.

Market MindShift Testimonial

"Mindy Weinstein is a dynamic and effective leader! We recently partnered with Mindy on an SEO initiative for our e-commerce apparel business. From the time we engaged, until the end of the project, she and her team were professional, punctual, and exceeded our expectations. Mindy took great care in outlining clear deliverables and timelines for our project and they delivered results. She and her team were collaborative and effective communicators. I would highly recommend Mindy, she’s an expert leader in the digital marketing industry"
- Molly Kuffner

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