Digital Marketing Training

Have your own team to train or just want to get up-to-speed on digital marketing?

We have a training program for that.

Increase marketing proficiency, boost team retention, and drive revenue by leveraging your team’s own skills and building upon them. Market MindShift specializes in personalized training for in-house teams, such as marketing, IT, development, content and SEO. When finished with our training programs, you and your team will understand digital marketing— best practices, tools and resources. You will walk away confident and knowing you have an actionable blueprint for success. Market MindShift partners with organizations of all sizes, within all vertical markets.

Experience to succeed

Your digital presence influences whether a customer chooses you or a competitor. Market MindShift has the experience to help you create a convincing and powerful online presence. With several years of experience, Mindy has taught SEO to companies across the country through weeklong training programs, one-day workshops and industry conferences. She has trained people from Facebook, The Weather Channel, World Fuel Services, Hampton Products, Putman Media and more.

Training: On-Site or Remote

By partnering with Market MindShift, our team becomes an extension of yours. Our training sessions always are customized to your organizational goals, clientele and website. From web development teams to digital content writers and editors all of various skill-levels and backgrounds, Mindy Weinstein successfully has trained teams to become confident in their digital marketing decisions and next steps.

Pre-training, Mindy works with your team to determine the focus areas to maximize productivity. And, through a Discovery meeting with your team and by evaluating your organization’s digital presence and competitors, we focus the training agenda to maximize strengths and tackle weaknesses. At the end of each session, your team will be provided tasks to complete before the next training. This hands-on experience will provide your team with the full ins and outs of digital marketing.

Agency SEO Training

If you’re an agency struggling to keep up with the latest in search engine optimization, Market MindShift is here to help. Through our training, your team will learn the fundamentals and best practices of SEO. Your team will leave with the skills it needs to provide SEO optimization as an add-on to the services that your agency is already providing. Our sessions will create a SEO toolkit for you to help your clients by increasing website ranking and organic traffic and revenue.

Conferences & Events

Educate a crowd on a topic or theme through a customized event presentation or keynote speech at an industry conference. By imparting her wisdom and experience, Mindy will inspire and enlighten your group, leaving them excited about the next steps. We work closely with organizers to create a tailored focus and presentation for your group. Mindy’s speaking experience includes many industry conference series, including Digital Summit, PubCon, SMX, Street Fight Summit and SEJ Summit.

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