Customized SEO Training

Have your own team to train or just want to get up-to-speed on SEO?

We have an SEO training program for that.

For the last several years, Mindy Weinstein has taught SEO to companies across the country through weeklong training programs, one-day workshops and industry conferences. She has trained people from Facebook, The Weather Channel, LL Bean, Putman Media and more. Other agencies refer to Mindy to learn the latest in search engine optimization.

This training isn’t one of those sessions or conferences you attend where you leave even more confused.

On-Site SEO Training

Designed for in-house teams, such as marketing, IT, development, content and SEO.
Mindy is available to train at your location, eliminating your time away from the office and hefty travel expenses. These trainings are customized for your business and incorporate not only best practices, but also specific recommendations for your website. From web development teams to digital content writers and editors, Mindy successfully has coached and instructed individuals with a spectrum of backgrounds.

On-site trainings range from a half a day to a full week, depending on your needs. Mindy will work with you in advance to determine the areas of SEO on which to focus. She will also take the time to understand your current digital presence and website strengths and weaknesses.

What Can You Expect from On-Site Training

The training will use your website in the examples, which is a major win for you (free consulting!). A workbook is provided that includes hands-on exercises completed during the training and can later be used as a reference guide. In addition, a 2-week no obligation subscription to SpyFu is provided with all trainings.

Expect Mindy to provide honest, real world information and examples to your team during your session. She will give you access to our checklists, templates and best practices. It’s hard to put a monetary value on all of the knowledge and tools. Contact us to book the next on-site training.

Workshops & Conferences

Would you rather go to a workshop? Market MindShift hosts workshops periodically throughout the year, which are capped at 10 to 15 people and therefore sell out fast. While some technical SEO is covered, you can come with little to no knowledge and still understand the information. We explain the steps to organically show up in search results and attract your ideal audience. We focus, from there, on creating compelling content and building a strong following on social networks to engage with prospects and, ultimately, drive sales.

The key takeaway from these workshops is a digital marketing strategic plan built under the guide of Mindy and the Market MindShift team. You will walk out knowing exactly how to take action to grow your business. We typically charge $5,000 for these plans!

Check back for the next workshop date.

You can also find Mindy at many industry conference series, including Digital Summit, PubCon, SMX, Street Fight Summit and SEJ Summit. Mindy is currently scheduled for the following events:

  • Digital Summit Phoenix
  • Digital Summit Los Angeles
  • Digital Summit Portland
  • Digital Summit Denver
  • Digital Summit Dallas

For a complimentary 30-minute consulting session and to learn more, fill out our contact form today.

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